Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Arthur's Picnic in the Park

We went to see Arthur at the park a couple of weeks ago. Lucas was so hard to get out the door that morning. Even though we kept telling about the picnic and Arthur being there, he still just wanted to stay at home.
It was a pretty neat event. They had tents where all the characters were sitting. Arthur, Sid the science kid, sesame street, Clifford, Curious George just to name a few.
They also had the huge blowup slides and mazes. Lucas stood in line so he could try the wipeout (he gets that name from the show on ABC)

Then it was time to stand in line to see Arthur.
Around lunchtime we bought some hotdogs and sat and ate them while watching some kids doing gymnastics. Lucas was a little concerned about a girl when she was doing tricks on the trapeze. "mommy, she better be carefull" was his comment to me :-)
Here he is clapping at the gymnasts.

After lunch we decided to see one more character. Lucas chose Curious George, and of course Curious George was the most popular there. The line was long, but Lucas did really well. (To tell you the truth I was more worried about Dwayne being able to keep his cool.)Here we are in line not wanting our picture taking.
This is how daddy looks when he has to stand in line 1hour and 15 min. to see Curious George.Finally!
All done.


Vi havde et alletiders besog af min Far og Ulla. Lucas fik ogsa dem rigtig laert at kende, sa det var jo dejligt.

Vi nod ogsa vores ferie til Grand Canyon og Vegas. Der var ikke sa meget for Lucas at lave, men jeg tror alligevel at han nod det.

Det var sa godt, at jeg havde pakket dette lille legetojskamera med i Lucas's rygsaekke. Han tog sa mange billeder. Sa det beskaeftigede ham lidt. Men det triste er, at jeg tror at Lucas har lagt det et eller andet sted ude ved Grand Canyon. Heldigvis har han ikke spurgt efter det.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Lidt svaert at optage, spille bold og snakke samtidig. Sa undskyld mit vrovlen ;-)

Jeg synes, at det var lidt sjovt, for det var forste gang Lucas havde de cowboybukser pa. De var allerede for korte i laengden, men i taljen for store. Sa forste og sidste gang han havde dem pa - heldigvis var det nogle brugte bukser som vi havde faet.


A little hard to record, play ball and talk at the same time, so excuse my nonsense talking ;-)

I thought it was hilarous, because the pants Lucas had one were too short, but too big in the waist. So it was the first and last time he wore them, good thing they were just hand me down pants.