Sunday, July 26, 2009


I would say we're pretty active family. Of course we all love bikeriding. However when Dwayne is not home I've been walking this spring/summer, because Lucas don't fit on the back of my bike anymore, and the trailbike is hooked up to Dwayne's bike. I try to get out a few times a week just to get the heart rate up. I feel so good afterwards.
This weekend Dwayne was gone for his 24 hour mountainbikerace in WI, and congrats sweetie - he placed 3rd in Mens solo single speed! I'm so proud of you!
Anyways, while he was gone it was just Lucas and me. Saturday we went for a walk. Usually we head to the local park, and Lucas can run wild, but I've been wanting to check out the local high school's new football field. When we got there a man was running, so of course Lucas had to get out there and run. He ran around the whole field once, and he had a blast doing it. After a while I had him sit down and cool off, because he was sooo sweaty. And perfect timing because while sitting there a few high school boys came to practice. Lucas loved that! I want to go back in the fall and watch some games and take some pictures.
Afterwards we went to the park and played a bit. We were gone for three hours, but we had so much fun.
Again today we went for a walk but this time we did the normal which was just a trip to the park.
I finished off the day by making chocolate chip cookies for Dwayne. He'll defiantly need to get fatten up again.

Again a swinging picture of Lucas, but I loved the angle of this one.

This picture don't have anything to do with this post, but I just love his long eyelashes.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What a Weekend!

Warning: A lot of pictures to come. We had a fun weekend (yeah, I know it's almost a week ago, oh well.) It was very relaxing, and we didn't do too much - the kind of weekend I like :-)
Ok, so a little bit of cleaning we did do. Here's Lucas helping daddy get some cleaning done.

I was in my garden doing some weeding. This is my squash, and it has flowers, but I don't see any squash yet. I also have cucumber, tomatoes, green beans and corn. I'm wondering who will eat the vegetables first - us or our "friendly" animals?

Just a puurty flower.

Saturday evening we had lasagne and wine. It was such a nice meal, we sat and ate and talked for a couple of hours. Lucas was happy to watch tv, so it was nice to have some grown up talk. We both enjoyed it, and the wine was flowing :-)

Don't he look happy?

And here's me and Lucas enjoying some running around on the lawn.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lucas has a new hobby....brushing my hair. Last night after shower he brushed my hair until it was dry.
Quote by Lucas - he wanted to make my hair look fabulous. Big word for such a little guy.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fireworks Extravaganza!

That's what the carnival was called which took place last weekend here in "beep" town, but we did not stick around for the fireworks, because it was so bleeping hot! It said in the local paper that it would start at 9:30pm and about 10 minutes or so before starttime we had found a nice spot on a grassy area to watch the fireworks from. But around 9:40 when the fireworks hadn't started yet, we or should I say I was ready to go. I get sooo irritated by the heat, I can't stand the humidity. I thought being at 9:30 at night I would be okay, but still at that hour the heat was terrible, and we were sticky and sweaty. (I guess that's me being the European where nobody knows what humidity is). So we left, and we got home right at 10, and we could see the fireworks begin from our house - couldn't be any better than that :-)

Here is a good picture of Dwayne wiping the sweat off of him, and this was taken after the sun had set. Lucas could care less, he was having the time of his life on this ride.

Yeah, I'm such a dork. I was the only adult on this ride, but hey dad gets a ride with his kid and gosh darn it, I want that too!

After a couple of rides we finished off the ride with some funnel cake and popcorn..mmmm...