Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today and until I have baby boy I start with weekly monitoring. I go to the perinatal center at the hospital for those. First they do a quick ultrasound. They check my fluids, check baby's heart, kidney, stomach and also how he's positioned. Everything there looked good. The technician took me to another room where they do the monitoring.
For any of you ladies who have been pregnant you know how you get two monitors on your belly when you are in labor. That's exactly what they did today. One monitor for the heart and one for contractions. I had to be monitored for about 30-40 minutes. They want to see the baby's heart rate go up and down. Just like ours do when we do something that makes our heart rate go up and then come back down.
When they first hooked me up, the baby's heart rate was pretty steady, not what they wanted to see. I was ordered to drink some water, and that got the baby going. His heart rate went anywhere from the 140's to 170. I probably sat there for about 30 minutes and I was free to go. Oh, and there was no contractions :-)

At work yesterday they threw me a baby shower. I've been eying up a jogging stroller, and they consulted with Dwayne (without my knowledge), and got the one I had been looking at. And it's awesome that it came with the car seat too, that way I can use the stroller right away.

It was a very nice surprise that I didn't expect at all. I also got a cute little outfit for the little man, and I got an outfit too. It's a perfect outfit for after I have the baby. Very casual but very comfy.
Great surprise!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here.

We had some gorgeous weather over the weekend. Dwayne wanted to participate in a crit race, which for you guys that don't know much about racing like me, is a bunch of bikers racing really fast on a one mile loop.
Dwayne wanted us to tag along. At first I was hestitating about going, because it's just more comfortable to stay home the bigger I get. But I decided that we should do something together as a family, and off we went. I'm so happy I went. It was so nice just to spend a day outside in the sun and relaxing in a lawn chair. I did go on a few walks to the restrooms and it's really amazing what warmer temperature and the sun can do for your spirit. I'm sure you all can agree with me on this one.

Just a few pictures from this weekend. I really like the picture I got of Dwayne racing.

Lucas had a blast while being out in the park and running and just playing. He did take a few breaks and chilled in his chair.

We watched Karate Kid over the weekend, and Lucas was all into doing karate moves.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today hubby and I went to the hospital to get a tour of the NICU. We first met with a NICU doctor, who explained in details what their role is when I go into labor. We will have about four doctors/nurses present in the delivery room, and they'll be ready to stabilize the baby when he's born. We are not sure how much we'll get to bond with him when he arrives - it won't be much, because he will be going to the NICU to get monitored and checked out. Hubby will be able to go with him.
I sometimes forget that our baby is sick and will need help when he's born. It's hard to hear and I must admit that I teared up a little. I've been so positive, but hearing he will be getting an iv and possibly tubes etc. And he won't be able to eat right away either. He will be struggling as it is with his heart, so they are not gonna introduce eating to him until he is stable.
The NICU doctor told us something that we both will try and live by. He told us to remember to take care of ourselves during our stay with them. Don't worry about the monitors etc. To let them take care of that, and we need to take of bonding with our baby and being a family.

We also got to get a tour of the NICU. They have recently remodeled, and it looks super nice. We get a super nice private room. Hopefully we won't stay there very long :-)
One of the first things we saw, which happened to be in the hallway, was a bed which is used for transporting babies and it had all kinds of hook ups and medical equipment. Knowing that our baby will be transported in one of those when he needs to go for his heart surgery, well that was also upsetting to see. Knowing that some tiny little people needs so much medical care is just hard to see and think about. You expect to get a healthy baby, but unfortunately it's not like that for many parents. But like hubby said it's also very comforting knowing that it's there for the doctors to give our little baby the best medical care as needed.

Since we are very new to this hospital, I think both hubby and I are very at ease now knowing how we get to labor and delivery when that time comes. I know it's one of hubbys main concern.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The big 6!

As promised a few pictures from the birthday boy's 6th birthday. He absolutely loved Chuck E Cheese. It was the first time celebrating a birthday somewhere besides home. We wanted to do something special for him before the baby arrives. And he picked the place himself. Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of rsvp's, which is quite frustrating when you pay per child at Chuck E Cheese.
Not too many kids showed but Lucas still had a blast. And it actually was quite nice with not such a big crowd, since Chuck E Cheese is already a mad house.

He loved the inflatable crown he got from Chuck E Cheese, and he wore it on and off pretty much the entire day following his party.

The last picture is from his actual birthday. He got a wii for Christmas, so he got a couple of new games. He absolutely love playing games. He got that from his daddy, because I sure get frustrated/bored with it very quickly. Can you tell he looks a litte excited?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

This and that.

Lucas had an awesome 6th birthday. I will share some pictures soon. I just can't believe he's already 6 years old. Time surely flies when you are having fun.
After a couple of weeks of break from doctor's appointments I have a busy couple of weeks coming up.
Tomorrow I go for a check up with the heart specialist. They will do an u/s to see how baby's heart is doing.
On Wednesday I go for another ultrasound but this time of the baby to see how he is growing. I'm hoping he's still growing good.
The following week I have a prenatal visit and we also have scheduled a tour of the NICU. Busy, busy...which makes time fly. I'm already 30 weeks. Wow!