Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Blog

I look at People & Usmagazine everyday and I love to watch E!news - unfortunately that's not an everyday event. So I thought: "why not have a blog about celebs and royals?". The blog is still in process, but it has a few posts on there. This will take you there...thanks for checking it out!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I love stories like these in the news...

A Kentucky couple has won the biggest Power ball ever in the state's history.
I love that it's a working couple who as a living makes seats for Toyotas...let's just hope they stay grounded.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's January and 2010..

This sucks...I hate January. It's so boring after all the excitement with Christmas, shopping, cooking, family etc. I hate taking down all the Christmas decorations, it's so "hyggelig" - which is a Danish word meaning cozy. We always have a live tree (actually I laughed the first time someone asked me if we have artificial trees in Denmark). That was my first Christmas here, and I thought it was a joke. I had NEVER heard of an artificial tree. It would probably be more smarter to have an artificial tree (money wise), but I just HAVE to have a real tree - just ain't Christmas without it. It went out the door though on Saturday, it was soooo dry. It looked really pitifull.
Lucas loved the tree though. I think that was the thing he was most excited about regarding Christmas traditions.

December just went by waaayy too fast. But we had a wonderfull time. Lucas loved it! Hubby slaved really hard at making him a new bed - we upgraded to a twin bed from his car toddler bed. The plus is that it's so much more comfier for mommy to lay on his bed and read to him at night before bedtime. We came up with the design ourselves. We made it out of pine. We wanted some drawers underneath for storage and a headboard for some of his books - he loves his books. Lucas loves Spongebob, so we painted the drawers blue and yellow to match his new Spongebob bedding. The knobs on his drawers are Starfish - in case you don't know, Spongebob's best friend is Patrick, and he is a starfish. Lucas loved getting a new big boy bed!

Mission accomplished. Just a few pics.

Hope you enjoyed Christmas and Happy 2010!