So before I start telling about Lucas, I need to back up and talk about what came before Lucas. Which is love.
My amazing husband and I met back in 1999. I'm born and raised in a small European country, Denmark. I love it there. I miss my family, the food, the language, the country so much. But after I finished what's compariable to high school I was ready for an adventure. A lot of European kids takes a year hiatus before taken on more studies. I wasn't an exception, and the cheapest way to go experience a different culture was to become an au-pair. I landed in Missouri. I was almost done with my year before I was gonna return home. I had just turned twenty-one. The legal age to drink in the US. In Denmark it's eightteen. I went out on the town with some friends, and I met my hubby at a bar! Yes, it is possible to meet the man of your dreams at a bar :-)
We dated for a few months, and then I had to go back to Denmark. We were apart for a year, and I then gave everything up for love. I moved back to Missouri to be with Dwayne. We married three months later in October 2000, and as they say, the rest is history.

After we had been married for five years we welcomed Lucas in March 2005. He was our dream. We had longed for him to join our family. The pregnancy was easy. The labor and delivery was perfect. Lucas was the perfect little baby. He still is so easy going. He is everything I dreamed of, and he makes motherhood worth living.