Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who's the Boss?

I thought this was a pretty funny little talk - my husband probably didn't think so, hehe.
Our evenings are pretty crazy around here. We get home from work, gotta get dinner ready, straighten up the house a little bit so it don't completely fall apart, some play and then ready for bed.
Lucas always showers with his daddy, and daddy was already ready for shower when I told Lucas to get his butt in gear. I guess Dwayne had been calling for him because Lucas all of a sudden said: "Daddy is not my boss". I said of course he is - you have to listen to daddy.
Out of curiosity I asked Lucas: " well who is the boss then". That's when my child gave me the most brilliant answer, and of course the correct one "You are". Ahhhh, music to my ears, my child is learning sooo quickly. His wife will be very happy one day.
All right, all right.... I'll stop now.


Carly said...

LOL! WTG to your ears indeed!

Mette Petersen said...

Hej Bettina
Hvor sjovt - men det betyder jo bare, at den lille mand opfatter verden korrekt :o)))

knus Mette