Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Dane in Town

I'm a member of the Danish Club in St. Louis, and in a recent newsletter they said that a Dane was coming to town to give a carillon concert. For those who don't know what a carillon concert is, it sounds like this and here is another one to show you how they actually play . The guy giving the concert - Peter Langberg is from my hometown. My little hometown - Logumkloster which has a population of about 7000. Yep, pretty small.
I also sang in the local church choir which his wife at the time was the director of.
He still lives in Logumkloster, and in Logumkloster we have this tall tower where he would give weekly concert when I was a child. When we go back to Denmark in August I'll take a picture of the tower.
The concert lasted an hour, and like in the first youtube video, you just sat on the lawn and listened to it. He was sitting in this tall tower playing.

And it was no big deal that Lucas was running around and not being too noisy - it was just a very relaxing atmosphere.

(I had to a couple of times go chase him down though )

Oh, and the place where they held it was absolute beautiful. I could have stayed there much longer just taking pictures, but I'm sure Lucas and Dwayne wouldn't have thought that that would have been so much fun.

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