Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

What, Pumpkin patch in February?? That's probably what you are thinking. But I've never shared any of the pics, and why not look at them today when the whole country pretty much is surrounded with cold, cold weather and snowstorms.

I love this picture of Lucas. He was standing and looking at something, and I just love the sweet look on his face.

This picture would have been really cute if it wasn't for the stranger's butt in the picture.


sweet cheek's mom said...

lucas has such an adorable face.
oh, and i too hate when butts and strangers randomly ruin a good picture!

JD said...

Great pictures! And what a great idea to look back on the warm weather. Those sunny pics put a smile on my face!

Kat said...


Godt billede. Den numse der kan du faa vaek i et edit program og med lidt cropping. Jeg har proevet. Send mig din email, saa sender jeg det til dig.
Knus, Kat