Saturday, November 27, 2010


Even though we just had Thanksgiving I can share pics from Halloween, right?
This year Lucas had said all the time he wanted to be Spongebob. I thought it would be really cute, and I was gonna make Dad Patrick and me Sandy, and I had hoped there would have been a little brother or sister who could have been Gary.(You really have to know Spongebob and the characters.) But then we went to Target early on when the customes were out and Lucas saw a Transformers costume, and that nixed the first idea.
I was not too happy about his choice, because me always wanting to make the costume myself, a transformers costume would be a real challenge. One I was not up for.
Fast forward a couple of weeks, Lucas borrowed a book from the school library about Batman and the Joker. That's when he changed his idea again and wanted to be Batman. But I thought the Joker would be different and it would be more fun to make that costume. So I told Lucas he would be much cooler if he was the Joker because all the boys would be Batman instead of the Joker. And that's how we ended up with the Joker.
I found the Joker wig at the local costume store. I bought a pattern for a boys suit, but I made the jacket a little longer (see the costume was based on Heath Ledger's Joker costume). I made the pants, tie and I bought the dress shirt for $2 at Goodwill. Bought a little makeup, and he was good to go.
I always think that I can never outdo the costume from the previous year, but I really think I did this year. If I can say so myself. I was just so happy with how good it turned out, and Lucas really got into character as well.

We did a little shoot so we could try out the makeup.

Daddy wanted to do the makeup on Halloween. He put it on much thicker than me, and it looked better too.

Comparison of Lucas and Heath Ledger - looks pretty good!

We forgot the TOT back so Dwayne was pretty creative :-)

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