Sunday, April 03, 2011


Right before Lucas turned one my mom sent us this animal train. It came with the numbers 1-6, so every year on his birthday we've had the animal train out. And every year I've taken a picture of him by it. This is the last year we could use it, so that's kinda sad that he has outgrown his animal train.

This weekend I've been busy cleaning up in my pictures. I've been so far behind in developing pictures (behind as in two years). It was supposed to be a winter project. That didn't happen, so I'm trying to get it done before the new baby comes, because I don't think I'll have much time for that right away. While working on my project I looked thru all Lucas's pics. And there was just so many I haven't looked at in so long, and these two just made me say "awww". He was sooo little. He's just a little over two years old in these pictures.
It was also cute looking at some old videos of him. So cute hearing how he sounded when he just learned to talk.

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JD said...

Cute train (and kid)!