Sunday, August 05, 2012

A New World

Growing up I had a couple of cats. I loved them. Both of them were my little companion when my mom, a single mom, had to work long hours, and I was home by myself. I left home when I was 20 to move to the US and my cat stayed with my mom. I never got another pet again. I just wasn't interested in them anymore.

As Lucas grew up a few people would tell me once in a while that Lucas needed a dog. Every boy needed a little dog. I was always very fast to say "No way". I just didn't find anything interesting about dogs. Hated to jumping up on you, hated the hair. Just plainly didn't care for them. Then something happened. I don't know what exactly. But dogs started to be cuter to me. Whenever we would meet a dog at a park, campground etc. it would always melt my heart how Lucas would go and pet them, and I could just see it in his eyes how much he adored dogs. And then there is our horrible heart break that we experienced last year. Lucas went through a trauma. A huge one. And as a heart mom and angel mom, I just can't stop the thought and fear of loosing another child. It's horrifying. You can't shake those emotions. But I have an amazing seven year old, and I want him to experience everything life has to offer. And I want him to experience the greatest love I think there is. The unconditional love a dog will give you.
We also thought that Lucas is at a great age. And we only got that confirmed when we went camping in May, and he played with a dog, a border collie/black lab, all day long. He loved that dog. Couldn't barely get him to eat any meals, because he had to go back and play with the dog. We then promised him that we would get him a dog after my dad and stepmom left.
When they left a couple of weeks ago the search started. We knew we wanted a border collie. An active dog that we could teach to play fetch, go for walks, runs and even bike rides. I looked a lot online. It was like looking for another job! Very time consuming. I first looked at shelters and rescues. We went to look at a couple, but they just didn't fit us or our personalities. I changed my search to look for border collie puppies. I found a few breeders in Missouri. One had a litter just five weeks old, but they were located over four hours away from us. A far drive not knowing if we would like the dog and we had to put a non refundable deposit down to hold a dog. We just couldn't do it. We knew the right dog would come along.
The next day I looked online again and to my surprise I found a breeder right in town. We went last Sunday to look at the six puppies she had. Come to find out she had only listed them the day before, a mere two hours before I looked online. What are the chances? They say when it's meant to be you just know, right? We think we found the cutest dog. A little girl dog, named Pippa. (Yes, she is named after the sister of Kate Middleton, who is now married to Prince William.) We thought about changing her name, but none of us could think of a different name, and we all seemed to agree that the name just was hers. We could have taken Pippa home with us last Sunday, but since we've never had a dog we had nothing for her. We asked to pick her up Friday, so we could get things for her, but also have a whole weekend to make her comfortable in her new home.

She's now home and doing pretty good. She's VERY active. But she also rests and sleeps a lot. She cried a lot the first night in her crate, but last night it was much better. The first 24 hours with us she would pee in the house a lot. But the last almost 24 hours she has done her business outside. I've been taking her out a lot, and everytime she has gone. (knock on wood).





Kim said...

Oh, she is just precious!! Congrats on the adorable new addition to the family, Pippa and Lucas are going to have so much fun growing up together! A high energy dog will be perfect for him. :)

Krista P said...

Pippa's gorgeous. Everyone still getting along ok? I bet you're all in love with her!

Mara said...

Oh My she is gorgeous. What a beautiful Pippa. (love the name, it suits her.) I am sure she will be his best friend and Lucas will be hers.
I have missed you, I just wanted to come and say Hi :-)

I Am Worth It! said...

Love her! Great pictures with her. :)

JD said...

So cute!!! I am sure she and Lucas are already best pals.