Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't ever say I don't make you anything!

My husband loves cakes, snacks etc. And lucky for me because I love to bake. I would be so bummed if I had a husband who wouldn't eat cakes and goodies. Trust me I've met a few men that don't eat that. Weird, I know.
Once in a while at work we have birthday celebrations where we all bring in a dish, dessert etc. I really love making and decorating cakes, so when it's a milestone celebration I usually voluntere to bring in a cake all decorated up.
I usually make the cake a couple of days in advance, so the night before the luncheon all I have to do is decorate.
I can never make any food for work, and my hubby will ask me :"did you make me a little cake, I love cake!" And of course it was no exception this time.
I told him no, but the day of cake decorating I had to cut off excess cake to get it shaped right, so I made a big pile out of them and I used the leftover icing and slapped that on there. Pretty, huh. There's your cake, honey.

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