Saturday, August 21, 2010


It just seems like yesterday that I was holding my newborn little Lucas in my arms, and now he's old enough for Kindergarten!!! How did that happen??
Lucas went to summer school in June, so he got a chance to get to know the school, and I think that's why the first day of school was so smooth for us. He had a hard time adjusting to summer school, and a lot of tears were shed. But what a different attitude he had Thursday on his first day.
He was so excited about riding the bus. Really I didn't want him to ride the school bus. I was just so nervous about him getting on and off the bus and walking to the classroom etc. He really has to be such a grown up boy - no more Preschool where he is watched so closely.
But unfortunately it just didn't work out that way that I could pick him up after school. He is still going to his preschool, because they have school aged kids there as well. And that's another thing - he's a school ager at of the big kids now.

The last few weeks before school started I really had terrible stomach aches thinking about him riding the bus. And boy have we drilled him about a lot of stuff. His full name, teachers name, preschools name etc. etc. We had the talk about strangers and never leaving school property unless the bus is there to pick him up.
It is sad that you have to have that talk with him but it is a scary world, and I hate that we have to prepare him for that.

I took him to preschool or childcare (we have to get used to not calling it preschool any more), and I watched him get on the bus. He was FINE! But me not as much. I thought I would be ok, but watching him leaving me at the bus stop and climbing in that big yellow school bus...well, it was just surreal, and I had to fight the tears, because I didn't want Lucas to see me like that.
I'm sure he could sense it though, kids are smart like that.
But it all turned out good. Lucas had a great first day. I think he got a little tired of me asking so many questions about his first day, because at one point I got the answer: "bla, bla, bla". LOL...such a guy!


sweet cheek's mom said...

oh how i so agree with you. it is hard to let go of the control, knowing where they are at all times and such. i feel for you. i know it is such a scary feeling to picture them wondering aimlessly lost or something. at the end of the day though, they remind us they are in fact fine and big kids after all.

JD said...

He's so cute!!! I am having a hard time with starting kindergarten too. We don't have buses here though, so that's one less worry. But I am going to rack up a lot of miles on my car this year, driving back and forth between 2 schools 20 minutes apart!