Friday, October 04, 2013

13 Years Down!

Today is my wedding anniversary...13 years. Wow! That just makes me feel old to think of that I've been married that long. I got married young...I was only 22. Yep, I just gave away my age (I don't get why women can't say how old they are anyway). But really it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.
As a teenager I never thought I would get married or even have kids. I loved the few years I was single. They were great. But the day I met my husband all that changed in an instance. I fell madly in love. Only problem was that I had to leave four months after we met. Big bummer. We were apart for a year. This was before Skype and even when emailing wasn't very big yet. We communicated by phone and letters for that one year. After that one year I decided to leave everything I knew. My home, my country, my culture. I wanted to go be with this awesome guy.
After three months of living together we got married. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him again, so off to the court house we went. No big, white, poufy wedding dress. No church. No big party. Just me, my husband to be and his parents.
I've never regretted that decision. I mean how can I? He has given me everything I could ever ask for. A home to call ours, three beautiful boys and one crazy dog.
He not only takes care of my heart but also my family. I've never met anyone that works SO hard to provide for us.
We've had a lot of ups but just like any other couple also some downs. The biggest down was when our beautiful middle son died. Something like that can tear a couple apart. I can't lie. We struggled too. But we came out on top and stronger than ever. Our love survived the initial shock of saying goodbye to our son. Now we work together while grieving and mourning the life we should have had. We enjoy parenting the two beautiful boys we do get to snuggle and kiss on every day on this earth. They are our everything. My family is my everything. I get up every morning only to look forward to the evening when we are all together again and just being us.
So 13 years of crazy, beautiful craziness. Something I would do ALL over again if I was given the choice.
We always have talked about we wanted the BIG party with family and friends in Denmark. At first it was going to be our 10 year anniversary. Well that came and went (and I was also pregnant with our angel that year). We haven't really made any new goals. But who knows? I would love to renew my vows. Maybe in Denmark or maybe somewhere exotic. Until then I'll just continue breathing in this beautiful life of mine.

Love you sweetie cakes! (was that too cheesy for you? ;-)  ) 

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