Wednesday, October 09, 2013


So, I've returned to blogging...again. I did not have the desire to blog for a long time. But with my grief, being worse than it has in a while, I've gotten the need to write again.
So what has happened since last time? I know there are some things I never even shared. Let me try and sum up our life briefly.

  • We got pregnant last year in August 2012.
  • We had our rainbow baby in April 2013...healthy as can be -- 9lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches long.
  • Our rainbow's name is Graysen. Not spelled Grayson, Greyson...just Graysen. I guess that's a battle we will have the rest of his life.
  • Lucas finished second grade and started in 3rd.
  • Lucas does great in school but hates homework. I think that's a typical boy thing.
  • Lucas takes private swimming lessons and LOVES it.
  • Lucas was so afraid of getting his head under water but now you can't keep him out of the water.
  • Lucas also has opened up about Noah since Graysen was born. He really talks about his feelings regarding Noah and his death and I think that's so good that he has, after two years, finally gotten to that point.
  • We remodeled our bathroom over the winter. I absolutely LOVE it. It's so elegant (if I say so myself). We remodeled while I was pregnant, so I couldn't help with anything at all, since we were worried that we could harm the baby growing in me (after you had a loss you get very paranoid.)
  • My hubby is doing great. Everything he does, he does great -- whether it's running his business, riding his bike or just taking care of us and our needs.
  • My hubby started a Team Noah bicycling team in memory of our angel. We have some really great riders on our team. I love that we are doing this in his memory and that his legacy continues on.
  • The team website is Please visit and come back :-)
  • We still have our crazy dog, Pippa. She's a border collie so she has tons of energy.
  • We've had her now for little over a year and she has come so far with her behavior.
  • Lucas and I took her to puppy class and she listens so good. We still have a ways to go, but she's a good dog.
I think this is it for now. I'll try to keep you all updated a little more often.

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