Friday, July 24, 2009

What a Weekend!

Warning: A lot of pictures to come. We had a fun weekend (yeah, I know it's almost a week ago, oh well.) It was very relaxing, and we didn't do too much - the kind of weekend I like :-)
Ok, so a little bit of cleaning we did do. Here's Lucas helping daddy get some cleaning done.

I was in my garden doing some weeding. This is my squash, and it has flowers, but I don't see any squash yet. I also have cucumber, tomatoes, green beans and corn. I'm wondering who will eat the vegetables first - us or our "friendly" animals?

Just a puurty flower.

Saturday evening we had lasagne and wine. It was such a nice meal, we sat and ate and talked for a couple of hours. Lucas was happy to watch tv, so it was nice to have some grown up talk. We both enjoyed it, and the wine was flowing :-)

Don't he look happy?

And here's me and Lucas enjoying some running around on the lawn.

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