Thursday, February 03, 2011

Winter weather

It seems like Lucas hasn't been in school at all this year. Actually I don't think he's had a full week of school. He's either been sick, had to leave school to get stitches, day off school or snow day. There has been several snow days. And he's pretty good about going outside to help Daddy shovel our driveway. Those two are even so nice, they will go to the neighbor across the street and shovel their driveway.

What I like to do on a snow day, when you are forced to be inside anyways, is making homemade bread. It's so yummy when it comes right out of the oven and then eat it along with some hot chocolate. It's almost a habit for us to do. And what's better for the boys then to come inside for warm bread and hot chocolate after being outside shoveling snow?

I can only recommend it :-)

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