Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today hubby and I went to the hospital to get a tour of the NICU. We first met with a NICU doctor, who explained in details what their role is when I go into labor. We will have about four doctors/nurses present in the delivery room, and they'll be ready to stabilize the baby when he's born. We are not sure how much we'll get to bond with him when he arrives - it won't be much, because he will be going to the NICU to get monitored and checked out. Hubby will be able to go with him.
I sometimes forget that our baby is sick and will need help when he's born. It's hard to hear and I must admit that I teared up a little. I've been so positive, but hearing he will be getting an iv and possibly tubes etc. And he won't be able to eat right away either. He will be struggling as it is with his heart, so they are not gonna introduce eating to him until he is stable.
The NICU doctor told us something that we both will try and live by. He told us to remember to take care of ourselves during our stay with them. Don't worry about the monitors etc. To let them take care of that, and we need to take of bonding with our baby and being a family.

We also got to get a tour of the NICU. They have recently remodeled, and it looks super nice. We get a super nice private room. Hopefully we won't stay there very long :-)
One of the first things we saw, which happened to be in the hallway, was a bed which is used for transporting babies and it had all kinds of hook ups and medical equipment. Knowing that our baby will be transported in one of those when he needs to go for his heart surgery, well that was also upsetting to see. Knowing that some tiny little people needs so much medical care is just hard to see and think about. You expect to get a healthy baby, but unfortunately it's not like that for many parents. But like hubby said it's also very comforting knowing that it's there for the doctors to give our little baby the best medical care as needed.

Since we are very new to this hospital, I think both hubby and I are very at ease now knowing how we get to labor and delivery when that time comes. I know it's one of hubbys main concern.

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Krista P said...

He'll be in good hands! Thinking about you guys :).