Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The big 6!

As promised a few pictures from the birthday boy's 6th birthday. He absolutely loved Chuck E Cheese. It was the first time celebrating a birthday somewhere besides home. We wanted to do something special for him before the baby arrives. And he picked the place himself. Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of rsvp's, which is quite frustrating when you pay per child at Chuck E Cheese.
Not too many kids showed but Lucas still had a blast. And it actually was quite nice with not such a big crowd, since Chuck E Cheese is already a mad house.

He loved the inflatable crown he got from Chuck E Cheese, and he wore it on and off pretty much the entire day following his party.

The last picture is from his actual birthday. He got a wii for Christmas, so he got a couple of new games. He absolutely love playing games. He got that from his daddy, because I sure get frustrated/bored with it very quickly. Can you tell he looks a litte excited?

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