Thursday, May 03, 2012


Normally when we get home from school/work we take a break before homework. Today I wanted to do homework as soon as we got home, because Lucas needed to go to bed early, since he didn't get much sleep the night before.

Lucas was cranky and objecting big time to having to do homework. But he still went with me into the office. Dropped himself into Dwayne's office chair and was lounging on his Spongebob pillow. Didn't want to do any of his homework. I could tell he was tired. I bet if he had layed there for much longer he would have falled asleep. I let him sit for a few minutes and told him it was time to work on his spelling words for his usual Friday test.
As we were sitting and going over them out of no where he blurred out that one of his friends had been picked at at school today. By the way, I just love how kids will tell exactly what's on their mind. He went on that it was a second who had said some really mean things to his friend. He had used one of the words "stupid" to him, and his friend had told the 2nd grader that it was a mean word. The 2nd grader I guess was really sharp with his remarks and said that "no it's not. Go look up the word in the bad word dictonary". And then Lucas's friend broke down and cried.

Sigh! Why do kids have to be mean to each other? Bullying is something that really scares me. You hear so often in the news about kids being bullied and it's chilling to think about what these poor kids, who gets picked on, use an answer to get rid of their bullies. Lucas, gosh I love him, went on to tell me that they had went to a teacher and said what the bully had done. Lucas said he got in BIG trouble.

And sweet, sweet boy. And I had to hold my tears back, because just really touched my heart. He said that he tried to make his friend feel better. I asked him what he did and he said he gave him hugs. It still makes me weepy just typing it out. I thought that was so sweet of my son. Reminded me of the last time he was trying to cheer up a friend in class. A friend of his had a death in the family. And Lucas, knowing what this feels like, was offering hugs to make his friend feel better. After Lucas shared all this with me, I gave him a big hug and told him how happy he makes me for being such a sweet friend.
And I was also talking to him about how he should never let anyone get to him if someone would ever try to call him mean names. And Lucas said so sweet how his teacher had said it similiar "don't let it get to your heart". And that's exactly what I pray for for my son. I can't protect him, I wish I could. But I just hope it won't get to his heart.


After an emotional talk I looked at Lucas, and he just looked so darn cute, that I just had to take a picture of him. This will always remind me of our important talk.

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Kim said...

What a sweet, tender heart your Lucas has! It says a lot about you and Dwayne that he is so caring at such a young age. And I'm sure Noah has influenced that as well. <3