Monday, May 28, 2012

Pajamas day

Noah's whole little life he didn't wear much clothes. My guess is the doctor/nurses didn't have time to mess with clothes. Believe me... they were occupied enough with diaper changes, check temperature every hour, give medicine, lab work, baths and etc. And that's just the normal routine. I think I summed up pretty much what a "boring" day consists of. It's a lot more work for them if Noah would have procedures, tests etc. So needless to say Noah was a pretty naked kid much of his life except for the occasional socks, which he always would figure out how to kick off. His wardrope pretty much consisted of a diaper.
Except for one weekend. One weekend I will forever, and I mean that....FOREVER will cherish SO much. That weekend my child, my baby didn't look nearly as sick. That weekend my little baby boy wore clothes for two days. The clothes hid the wires, stickers etc. which made my baby look like a normal baby.
The pictures below are taken exactly one year ago today. Yes, you might think not because of the date on his forehead, but those stickers would stay on him for a few days at times.
Yvonne, his nurse that weekend, had him all dressed when we came to see him on Saturday May 28th 2011. Yvonne was one of Noah's nurses who always came to check on him, even if Noah wasn't her "child" for the day. Yvonne also was the one to make sure he got a lot of time sitting in his bobby. A lot of time in the bobby was good for Noah's lungs. So even though you can't see the bobby, we used some hospital blankets to cover it with, he was sitting up like a big boy in the pictures below.

You might have seen the pictures before, but check him out again. How CUTE is he with his I love mommy pajamas?? This outfit was given to us from a dear friend of mine, Tracey. She sent me several outfits. This one is now hanging in a shadow box on the wall.
The next day Noah wore an outfit again. This time it was one of Lucas's pajamas. It was so neat an outfit that both of my boys wore.

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JD said...

Beautiful pictures and memories Bettina! I especially love the one of Noah looking right up at Daddy!