Monday, April 09, 2012

Nelyn's story.

Meet sweet, sweet Nelyn. I've known Nelyn for quite some time. I met Nelyn's momma on an online message board when I was pregnant with Lucas (who is now seven), and she was pregnant with her beautiful daughter. When we "met" back in 2004 I remember hearing about Nelyn. Nelyn was only 18 days old when he died. He was born perfectly healthy. A beautiful baby boy. Nelyn died of whooping cough ~ pertussis. I never understood her pain until I went through the pain of having a child die.
Before Nelyn was born, Nelyn's mom and dad had two teenagers. They had for a time wanted a third and Nelyn had blessed their family. The family now consists of five children....four on earth and one in heaven. Nelyn is so missed. I know that even though some time has passed since Nelyn's birth and death, their family will NEVER be complete. They will always miss their second son.
Below are a couple of news articles. Please, please read them. It's a story of an beautiful angel and I believe his work is not done here on earth. He continues to educate people. He educated me! After I had given birth to Noah, I got a booster shot to protect Noah from wooping cough. Thanks to Nelyn I now know. I now know how dangerous whooping cough is for small infants. Please get a booster shot, even if you don't have small infants in your household, but you could be that stranger at the book store who could protect another pregnant woman like Nelyn's momma.

Click here to read a news article about Nelyn.

And here is a video of Nelyn's momma talking about her sweet angel.

Nelyn just turned 8 years old on 4/7/12. Happy birthday, big guy!



Sarah W said...

Love to you Lynne. I watched your interview first;did fine, even with your crying (I've seen it before too). It was hard, but I held it together. It wasn't until I read this...

"In the center is a tiny Japanese maple. The parents chose it in tribute to their baby son because it is a species that will always stay small. "

...that I lost it.

Lynne said...

Bettina, Thank you telling the world about him, getting his story out once again. He is a very special little angel. As I was finding old articles about him to give you I found that his/our story went around the world, so his story is important for the world to know that, that little cough you have maybe more then you think.

Carly said...

I need to get a whooping booster. I am around so many babies. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow to make an appointment.

JD said...

I was wondering if Nelyn would be your angel this week. So many (((hugs))) to both of you beautiful mamas!

Bettina said...

Sarah, I thought the tribute to Nelyn was very touching.
Carly, you ROCK!
Lynne and JD ((hugs))