Monday, April 16, 2012

What 7 is like.

I asked Lucas a few question since we have to figure out what seven is all about.

Favorite tv show: Regular show, Adventure time, MAD, Spongebob,

Favorite food: Pizza, pancakes, bread with butter.

Favorite place: BounceU, TGI Fridays, Monkey Joes

Favorite book: Bone, Dr. Seuss.

Favorite vacation: Florida.

Favorite snack: M&M's.

Favorite drink: Ice cold water. (He loves to eat the ice cubes).

Lucas is doing great in school. He's starting to spell harder words like checking, telling etc. He has also in the last month started to read more on his own. His favorite book right now is the "Bone" series. I love listening to him sounding out the words.
He loves to write his own cartoon books. Some of the titles have been: "The french toast monsters", "Evil eggs", "Evil pancakes". (Hmmmm...I'm suspecting a lot of these titles are being pondered about at break fast).
He even mentioned that he will be writer when he grows up (if he in his dreams will come up with some good ideas), make movies. (Next Brad Pitt??) or a carpenter :-) (He has been helping his Dad a lot with our projects around the house).

He is signed up to play his first team sport. He will start playing soccer at the end of the month. I'm very excited to watch that. It should be fun for him, because he LOVES to run. He often runs laps in the yard.

He still hasn't lost any teeth. We are still waiting for the tooth fairy.

Here's a picture of him taken at BounceU where we had his party. BounceU is a place with a bunch of inflatables for the kids to jump around on. Perfect for wearing out 7 year old boys.